About KF²

Our firm consults with attorneys, corporations and individuals regarding missing, misappropriated or contested funds. These matters include white collar, securities, money laundering, family trusts, fraud, fiduciary duty, embezzlement, trade secrets, or mergers and acquisition cases.

Brooke Karrington is the principal of Karrington Financial Forensics. Over 30 years Ms. Karrington has spent considerable time quantifying and investigating potential losses from fraud, tracing financial transactions and conducting interviews on behalf of criminal defendants, government agencies, commercial litigation parties and family trustees. Ms. Karrington has rendered testimony in federal and state courts, and in administrative and legislative hearings. She is frequently called upon to consult in matters involving employer/employee disputes, due diligence, fiduciary duty and investigative matters outside the context of litigation.

Ms. Karrington maintains a relationship as a Principal at Lone Peak Valuation Group based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has conducted forensic accounting, financial intelligence and investigative matters throughout her career, and was part of a team to conduct extensive revision of financial intelligence processes of Union Bank, an international bank based in San Francisco, California.